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Laser Engraved Wood Art

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Laser Engraved Wood Art

Laser engraved wood art is one of the best techniques for etching words and designs on wood.

Older techniques were about burning an image into the wood. Laser engraving gives us a much more detailed picture. The laser enables us to carve realistic detail onto the wood.

Using a laser, we can take a simple piece of wood and engrave life-like images on them. You will get blown away by the realistic detail of these images. It is almost as if someone took a photo and placed it on the wood.

The laser engraving process also allows us to shellac the wood to make the images pop out even more.

Our laser engraved wood art presents several scenes from the life of Jesus. These include his crucifixion and resurrection. The photorealistic images will stir emotions in you. We promise!

These laser engraved wood art pieces are perfect for your home, office, or church. They will be instant conversation pieces in any room you hang them. We have several options available for you to choose from so check them all out.

In a world full of turmoil and trouble, it can be hard to remember to keep the faith. Our laser engraved wood art will help you remember Jesus’ promises to us. When you are feeling trouble, these laser engraved wood art pieces will help you put your mind at ease.

Check out our selection of laser engraved wood art. You will find the perfect piece to fit your needs. All our artwork is hand-carved with love and the guidance of God.