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Easter Empty Tomb Art


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Hang this Easter Empty Tomb Art in your home as a daily reminder of your faith and devotion to Christ.

Easter is that time of the year when we celebrate Christ and his resurrection. But, instead of only celebrating it once a year, why not hang this art in your home as an everyday inspiration?

Brighten your walls with this handcrafted woodwork piece made from natural Baltic Birch. Whether you place it in your living room, dining room, or any place in your home, it will be a great conversation piece. It also makes a great gift to family, friends, and loved ones or makes a great statement piece in your church.

This wall décor depicts the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning and how he rose from the dead. On the third day of His crucifixion, his followers went to his grave, only to find it empty. Like the cross, the empty tomb is an important symbol. It conveys the message that His love for us was so great that He took on the world's sin and redeemed us.

Not only is the empty tomb a symbol of the resurrection, but it's also a symbol of hope. It symbolizes that Jesus was no longer on the cross, no longer dead, but has risen.

In the past couple of years, recent events have caused the world to spin into chaos. We all bore our type of crosses. But we need to know that these crosses are not final. After the dark, the light will come again. We need to ground ourselves back into our faith and allow ourselves to remember that God always has a plan for us. Only through our faith in Christ should we find hope again in our lives.