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Prayer Room Sign


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Everyone needs a quiet place to pray and reflect on God. If you have times of trouble, a prayer room can be a massive help in meditating on God's help and guidance.

Whether at home, in your office, or at church, it is good to let others know that there is a
designated space if anyone needs a quiet place to reflect.

At 15.75" x10.75", this sign will fit any wall or door. The Prayer Room Sign features an image of the cross, and a prayer to Jesus is a reminder of His comfort and grace. If you come to Him without knowing the words you want to use, you have this short prayer as your guide.

The powerful image on his Prayer Room Sign of the Cross and open field gets etched in the wood. It will give you and any visitor a sense of peace whenever they meditate on it.

We engrave this elegant Prayer Room Sign on a beautiful piece of Baltic Birch. That's why you're going to love it on the walls of your prayer room!

The Prayer Room Sign will look fabulous in your church, office, or home. We hand-paint the brown and gold frames. When people see the sign, they will love it!

The world can be a worrying and challenging place. We often turn to God for various reasons. We may ask for guidance or to give thanks. Whatever your need or circumstance, remember that God is always listening.

As Christians, we must bear witness to God's love and favor for us. This Prayer Room Sign can be a starting point to a conversation that leads someone to Jesus.

Prayer Room Sign Dimensions
15.75" x 10.75"