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 When you Join the Agape Woodwork Team, You’re Signing Up to Help People Remember God's Blessings for Their Lives

At Agape Woodwork we know the world seems full of gloom, despair, and hopelessness. Making it worse are fake news outlets who do their level best to spread misery. We create wall art that brighten the spirits of our customers by reminding them of God's love. When people remember God, their hearts burst with pure joy.


This Is How We Help Others Remember God's Promises for Their Lives

 1. We smile as we work. Joy is contagious and the work we do we do for Lord Jesus. It's impossible to serve God effectively and work with a frown on your face.

2. We esteem our customers as very worthy of our service. Serving our customers is what we do and we do it very well. 

3. We pray over every piece of art we ship. Our team believes in the power of prayer as well as in the promises of God, and we care about our customers.


We Know What It Feels Like to Forget God’s Love from Time to Time.

Our team is on a Mission to brighten up the walls and sprits of our customers, and to help them remember God's love for them!

If you work with a smile, give your 100% all to our customers and teammates, and care enough to pray over your work, join our mission!

We're Here To Help!


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