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Scripture Wall Art

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Scripture Wall Art

With our handmade Bible verse wall art, you can bring the truth of the scripture wall art into your home.

The Bible contains some of the most potent truths ever written.
But, we often overlook these truths. If we are to live by them, we need constant reminders. At the same time, our lives get filled with continuous struggles and obstacles. We need to ground ourselves back and keep faith in Christ no matter what this world throws at us. To stay strong, we need to allow the Scripture to inspire us every day.

It can be challenging to get inspired if the Word of God only sits in your Bible. Instead, how about hanging inspirational verses in your lived-in spaces? Our wooden wall art pieces are a great way to keep yourself reminded of the Word of God. They also liven up the most intimate place in your life—your home.

Put these lovely wooden scripture wall art pieces in your:

  • bedroom,
  • living room,
  • dining room,
  • or anywhere you'll see them each day and get reminded of the truth they contain.
This step is a simple way to incorporate the scripture wall art into your home. It reminds you and your family to live like Christ daily.

You can also hang them in your:

  • office,
  • shop,
  • or Church,
  • where others can see them and get inspired by your favorite Bible verses.
Whoever you may be, wherever you are, or whatever struggles you may be facing, we have a Bible verse for you. Choose from a variety of woodwork pieces engraved with verses from the Bible. We pick the ones that inspire us the most, and we hope that these holy words encourage you as well.

Our hard-working Michigan artisans craft our American-made wall hangings with God's help. We laser-cut each piece from natural Baltic Birch, ready to hang in any home or place you desire.

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