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Rugged Cross Picture


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The world we live in can be a trying place. We live in troubled times, and it is hard to know where to turn when we are in need. In times like these, keeping and remembering the faith is so important. There is no stronger symbol of God’s love for us all than that of the cross.

Our Rugged Cross Picture will remind you and anyone who sees it of Jesus’s sacrifice for us. His promise of salvation and future peace is symbolized on the cross. 

The picture is lovingly made with the help of God and a 40-watt laser. The laser carves the images and words seen on the Rugged Cross Picture.

On the backing layer of wood are the lyrics to the gospel song “The Old Rugged Cross.” The words speak of taking comfort in Jesus’ sacrifice to us. When we are worried or facing times of trouble, we can look to the Old Rugged Cross for comfort.

The top layer has the outline of the cross with the title “The Old Rugged Cross” in beautiful script across the top. It is a beautifully carved piece that will be a centerpiece of any room it is placed.

The Old Rugged Cross Picture is 15.5 x 10 inches and weighs 20 ounces. The lightweight and modest dimensions make it suitable for hanging on the wall or placed on a table. It is perfect for your home, office, or church. And if you have a music room, the lyrics can serve as spiritual inspiration.

Our company provides quality wood carvings with one simple message in mind. That is to share God’s message of love in a world that needs love now more than ever. The Rugged Cross Picture will be a perfect reminder to you of God’s love whenever the world seems too much for you.