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1 Corinthians Wall Art


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Our world has become one of worry and turmoil. It seems like everything and everyone has gone crazy. We may find ourselves faced with a crisis regarding how to act.

During times like this, we should be reminded of God's protection for his people. They faced times of trouble and despair. In Paul's letters, he guided the early Christian community. Paul provided advice to them as well.

Our 1 Corinthians Wall Art shares the advice that Paul gave the people of Corinth. The city's people wished for advice on how Jesus would want them to live. Paul's advice not only concerned vigilance against dangers, both physical and spiritual. He also encouraged us to love others, as Jesus loved everyone.

The text states, "Stay Alert/Stand Firm/Show Courage/Be Strong/Do Love." 

Paul was able to say a lot with very few words, and this is a prime example. It is a perfect addition to your office, church, or home. 

It reminds us of the duty of Christians to be brave and to show love during times of trouble. The 1 Corinthians Wall Art will be a fitting reminder for you during times of trouble and crisis.

The 1 Corinthians Wall Art measures 15.5 x 10.2 inches and weighs 19 ounces. The sign is made of three layers of wood. The top layer is walnut plywood. For the middle layer, we use Baltic birch. And for the backing layer, we use MDF.

All our products are made with the help of God and a 40-watt laser. Our handcrafted wall art will bring joy to you and those around you for years to come.

We stand firm in our mission to create great art with a message. And that message is God's love and guidance for those who believe.