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Christian Cross Wall Decoration

Cross Wall Art

Cross Wall Art

Hang a cross wall art in your home to serve as a daily reminder of Christ's love.

One of the most common wall decors in Christian homes is the cross. The cross is the most crucial symbol in our faith. It reminds us of God's only Son, Christ, and his sacrifice that led us to salvation. It reminds us that Jesus' suffering was for our benefit—our sins will get forgiven, and we will gain eternal life. The cross is a symbol of God's unfailing and self-sacrificing love for us.

Crosses also symbolize trials in life. It reminds us that, like Jesus, if we persevere through difficult times, we will get rewarded in the end. Look at the cross the next time you feel alone and know you're not.

Like everyone, you're busy every day juggling the demands of life. A cross wall art serves as a visual reminder to pause, pray, and reflect on your home. Your home is your most personal space and represents you. If your faith is important to you, those spaces should reflect your faith. Hang a cross in your home to remind yourself of the vital place your faith deserves.

People usually hang one in the living room, but you could also hang one above your bed or in the dining room. Many Christians also hang a cross in the doorway. Every time you leave your house, the cross will remind you of God's love and make you feel safe.

It's also the perfect wall décor to hang in other spaces such as your office, shop, or church. Show off your faith to others while reminding others and yourself of the power of God's love.

Our wooden cross wall hangings get made from natural Baltic Birch. Each of our faith-based pieces is 100% American-made, crafted by expert Michigan artisans. They will give a rustic, charming touch to your home.

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