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John 3:16 - An Expository Look

Posted by Matt LaClear on February 09, 2023

John 3:16 - An Expository Look | Agape Woodwork

You’ve probably heard John 3:16 quoted before, but have you unwrapped its layers of meaning?

It’s worth taking the time to get intimately familiar with this powerful passage.

Through studying it closely, we can gain a fuller understanding of our identity, purpose, and relationship with God and use it as a guide for showing love to others.

In this post, we’ll dive into its details and explore the questions it raises — so let’s get started!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life." NASB

John 3:16

Examining the Details of John 3:16

Do you want to go deeper into John 3:16 and see what it offers?

Studying this verse can be a rewarding experience as it contains so much to love.

In this article, we'll examine the main point of John 3:16, explore questions raised by the scripture, and look at how we can apply them to our lives.

The Main Point of the Verse

Romans 5:8 confirms that the main point of John 3:16 is God's love for us. It says, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

This verse shows that while we have fallen short of God's perfection and holiness, He still loves us enough to send His only Son, Jesus, to die for us and reconcile us with Him.

Through Jesus' death and resurrection, we can receive eternal life and be reconciled with God through His abounding love.

The Benefit of Intensely Studying It

Studying John 3:16 intensely can be incredibly beneficial.

Taking the time to examine the verse and its messages can help you better understand its significance and how it applies to your life.

You can also begin to develop a deeper appreciation for God's mercy and love for us and the vital role we have in spreading that love to others.

Banner showing John 3:16

What’s There to Love in the World?

You might be asking, what is there to love in the world? God loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us. That's something to be truly cherished.

Exploring Fundamental Questions Raised by John 3:16

Dive deeper into this essential Bible verse by examining its details and exploring the fundamental questions it raises.

These insights can help you understand what God has in store for you and how you can share His love with others.

Who Are We?

Who are you?

You are a unique individual created by God. With endless and limitless possibilities, you can choose to make your own destiny.

You have a chance to live life purposefully, take action, and make an impact in the world.

Make your life count for something meaningful. Embrace the beautiful path ahead.

the Father gave us His Son

What Is Our Purpose?

You have a special purpose in life.

God's plan for you is to use your unique gifts and skills to serve others, spread joy, and bring glory to His name.

Through John 3:16, we understand that our purpose is rooted in love-- love from God.

As we strive to follow God's plan, we must be kind to each other, show compassion, and live for Christ.

What Is God’s Plan for Us?

God's plan for us is to show love to everyone.

He wants us to be kind, generous, and forgiving. He calls us to spread His message of hope and kindness so that others can find peace and joy in their lives.

We all have a part to play in following God's plan - it's up to us to make the world better by sharing Christ's unconditional love with them.

the Son laid His life down for us

Applying John 3:16 to Our Lives

As you read this verse and the following sections, think about the questions it poses: who are we, what is our purpose, and what is God's plan for us?

Discovering these truths can help inform your decisions and guide you in living a life of love according to God's will.

How Can We Show Love to Others?

You can show Christ's love to others by treating them with kindness and respect.

Listen to their stories and struggles, be generous with your time and resources, and offer encouragement. Offer to help, pray for them and their needs, and forgive mistakes.

Showing love doesn't have to be complicated; small acts of kindness will go a long way.

How Can We Share God’s Love with Others?

You can share God's love with others by supporting them, giving them your time and energy, and speaking kind words.

Show your understanding when they're struggling, offer to help them out, and be a listening ear. Invite them to hang out with you and show genuine interest in the things that matter to them.

Most importantly, pray for them and invite them to join you.

Let others feel God's presence through you, His messenger of grace.

How Can We Follow God’s Plan for Us?

You can follow God's plan for us by sharing the message of Christ with others.

Please get to know the people around you and share your faith with them. Share stories and examples of how following Jesus has improved your life, and listen to their thoughts.

Pray for them and invite them to church or other religious events.

Showing love and compassion for them can help them understand God's love better.

Thoughts to Ponder

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.

Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. A simple truth, yet endlessly profound—our Father loves us beyond measure, out of love so deep we may never fully understand it.

The way He loves us does not waver with time but remains steadfast and certain—a love that overflows with grace and mercy.

Let us take comfort in His love and take heart in Christ’s promise of everlasting life.


You can learn a lot from studying John 3:16.

It asks us important questions about ourselves, our purpose, and how we should connect with God.

Think about these questions and use them to guide the way you show love to others and follow what God wants for you.

Matt LaClear
Matt LaClear